Back at it

Leaving Trail Days, my family, friends and dog…again…proved to be difficult. Although, not quite as difficult as a making the climb up Lovers Leap and back into the wilderness hung over after a weekend of binge drinking and eating. I nearly vomited on multiple occasions. That being said, I trudged through and made a modest 11 miles to the first shelter. 

When I stumbled upon the shelter, Yeager was there eating dinner and told me he was dealing with the same issue, after having a weekend in Asheville with friends. While we were telling weekend stories, Kirk came walking into camp. It was good to see him again, although he was sans Jack. Kirk had to spend two weeks off the trail dealing with tendinitis. Although I’ll never wish injuries on anyone, it was nice to see I wasn’t the only one who had dealt with time off trail due to injury. 

If you remember, Kirk and I spent the first week hiking together…in the rain. It seems our hiking combination entitles rain, because it has rained every day since we met back up. Fan fucking tastic. Either way, Kirk, Yaeger and myself continue to push on. We don’t typically hike together, simply because we walk at different speeds…but we typically break and camp together. We’ve also caught back up with a little group of hikers we were with before injury, trail days and Asheville delays. Making miles, but enjoying them. 

Kirk has long past had his first twenty mile day, but Yaeger and I had our first this past Tuesday. 21.3 miles. Check. It was a long day, but an enjoyable one. Kirk stopped short that day, but caught up the Wednesday before we hiked in to Erwin today. Follow?

In other news, Yaeger and Kirk have both picked up trail names. Both, it seems to me, are tentative. Yaeger is now “WB”, short for Wilfred Broccoli. Wilfred referencing his autoimmune type 1 Diabetes, and broccoli referencing his family’s northern Maine farm. Kirk is now “Two Sole”, stemming from some nasty blisters caused by the negligence, and hilarity, of placing new super feet insoles on top of the existing insoles in his shoes. Classic. 

As for me, nothing new to report really. Both knees are feeling strong and the toe cut is still healing, but doing well. I’ve walked 342.9 miles in 28 hiking days…not counting my 12 zero days…10 injury and 2 for fun. 

I’m enjoying my time alone while I hike…mostly, I absorb the expressions of nature while I contemplate a variety of different ideas in my noggin, or I clear out and just walk. When I get tired of my own thoughts, which is often, I enjoy my time in camp. We talk about how the hike was different for each of us, our ideas of societal issues and/or norms…or we just bullshit and make fun of each other. Either way, it’s a pretty fine way to live. Simple. 

No pictures to share. All the good ones reside on my real camera, and I’ve got no way to upload them at this moment…thanks El Perro 😉

All for now…happy trails folks,

The Law


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